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Being Jackie Chan

My lead pastor and friend, Justin, and I took a ministry trip to Rio de Janeiro last month to visit our church's missionary partner. On the Friday evening of our arrival, we had dinner with our host pastor, his wife, and two other Brazilian couples who were church leaders. The couples were young, well-dressed, and educated. One man’s first observation upon meeting me was that I looked like a movie star. 
I paused, speechless. 
That’s not a comment I’m used to receiving. 
With a look that told me it was obvious, he said: 
You look like Jackie Chan. 
I was flabbergasted. Let’s slow time down and examine the various stages of emotion and thought.
My initial response was surprise. It’s a peculiar comment to make to a new acquaintance.
My next emotional response was indignation. My thinking went something like this: Do you think all Asians look alike? How many Asian men do you know personally? Is Jackie Chan the only Asian guy you’ve been exposed to? Does this qualify as a micro aggression? H…

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