About me

The short of it: I am a follower of Jesus.  I am a husband to Judy.  I am the father of Elliot, Abby, Micah, and Caleb.  I am a 2nd generation Chinese American.  I am the pastor of the English-speaking congregation in a Chinese immigrant church in Silicon Valley (www.ccic-sv.org).
The long of it: I grew up in San Jose, California as a child of unchurched Chinese immigrants.  As a kid, I often reflected on the meaning of life and what my purpose was on earth.  I loved to ask questions – both to sate my curiosity and to get attention.  When I was thirteen years old, my family moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  My parents dragged us to a Chinese church so we could meet other Chinese people.  I assaulted my Sunday school teachers with questions.  At the same time, the affection of other believers touched me deeply.  It was vulnerable time as my brutal candor often repulsed people.  My parents soon became believers and I noticed their attitude towards me soften.  I remember thinking if a God exists who would die for me, then I wanted Him in my life. And I became a Christian soon after.

Our family moved back to San Jose after one year and we joined a Chinese immigrant church.  Later that year I heard James H. Taylor III (great-grandson of Hudson Taylor) speak at a retreat.  He said this: “It is a tragedy so many foreign Chinese have allowed the evangelization of China up to the non-Chinese”.   His words stirred something deep within me and I resolved to become a missionary to China.  I was excited about the challenge of what should be done.

But my plans changed soon after college.   The founding pastor of my family’s church asked me to return home to reach the next generation of American-born Chinese (ABC).  His invitation was in large part because ABCs like myself were leaving the church in droves.  I accepted.  He began to disciple me and through his influence, I later began taking seminary classes.   Looking back at on the past fourteen years, my ministry has been making disciples of ABCs.  Although I have not always been convinced of my calling as a pastor, I have never doubted my calling to obey the Great Commission.

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