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Why go to college?

My oldest son is now a high school junior. Amidst ministry and raising four children, my wife and I haven’t devoted significant time to college research and admissions.
In a panic over this, I recently went to the library and checked out six test prep books for the SAT, ACT, and PSAT. I was overwhelmed by how much stuff is out there and realized I should have started preparing for this years ago. I’m fully aware there are parents out there who have invested many hours plotting out their child’s path to elite college admission and don’t even have children yet. 
I want to jump on the college admissions treadmills and start sprinting as fast as possible to catch up.I’ve learned enough about myself that when I’m caught up in this frenzy, it’s helpful to pause and ask, “Why am I doing this?"
That’s exactly the question my friend and fellow UC Berkeley alum, Iris Chen, has been asking about her kids’ education. She has two young sons and recently started a blog about her unschooling ex…

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