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The Fog

The fog drifts in
Surrounding all in quiet embrace
Trees wrapped in mist
Real masked by cloud

The road is obscured
My path is blank
Objects are hidden
Wisps whip past

There is no sky
There is no firmament
There is only gray mass
A cage of cloud trapping me

Driving in fog
Searching for a collision
Blind and confused
Barely seeing in front of me

Uncertain of direction
Unclear on the route
Unsettled in mind
Unseen obstacles in my path

What does my future hold?
Where are you, God?
Why have you forsaken me?
How can I see clearly?

Frantic in thought
Frenetic in action
Heartbeat races
But I drive on

Frozen in fear
Yet faster I go
Faster to nowhere
Further to go or too far past?

But the LORD is the fog

Stop moving
Stop thinking
Stop planning
Stop searching


You cannot see me
Because you’re moving
You cannot feel me
Because you’re too busy talking

You need only to be still
To see my beauty
To behold the wonder
The mystery of the cloud

Do not be afraid
For I hem you in
My presence is here
And everywhere

I am with you
I come down
I descend
I cover all

Uncertain of direction
I direct you
Unclear on the route
I am the way

Unsettled in mind
I give peace
Unseen obstacles in your path
I uphold you with my right hand

The fog is my glory
A glimpse of my heavenly throne
The cloud is wind and rain
No one knows where it comes from

I am the sky
I am the firmament
I am the gray mass
I surround you

The fog conceals the fraudulent
The fog is the path
The mist is the Maker
The LORD is my name

The fog comes down
Surrounding all in quiet embrace
Trees wrapped in mist
Temporal wrapped in eternal


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