Being an Americanized Asian in an immigrant church

Stereotyping of Asian-Americans: During the day, I work on sermons at Peet’s Coffee. A lady who is a regular there saw me one time and approached me. She asked me if I was unemployed and looking for a job. She told me her husband has a company and they are looking for people who have computer skills. She said “I know your people are good at these types of things. . .”

Ignorance of Immigrant Church: The dozens of Caucasian parents I meet through my kids’ school eventually find out I’m a pastor in a Chinese church. Their first question is “So do you preach in English?”

Asian-American High School Competitive Atmosphere: I’m talking to a high school senior. Him: “Ugh. I have cross-country practice today. Its so pointless and such a waste of time.” Me: “So why do you do it?” Him: “It looks good for college”.


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