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This post was inspired by the song "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore and this post.

In a recent Toastmasters meeting, a woman said in reference to dressing well, "When you look good, you feel good."

I don't totally agree but I think I get it.

Style matters. The clothes you wear convey individuality and confidence. Individuality makes you stand out from everyone else. And confidence kills.

I know Asian guys that dress well. Too bad most of them aren't not Christians. We're taught in the church that substance trumps style. That's true. And yet it doesn't mean style is meaningless. Style can express substance.

Guys tend to shun vivid colors, outlandish looks, and clothes for young children (like footie pajamas). But if you're different and you know it, let it show. Let it shine.

I went shopping at Goodwill recently. One was bright yellow. Before buying it, I asked myself: "Is this me?"

I thought about it for a minute. I don't normally wear yellow but why not?

I wear the shirt, it doesn't wear me. It may hurt some people's eyes but it'll give them something to talk about it.

I bought the shirt. I wore it to a Contra dance event. Half the women I danced with commented on it. If I go back and see them again, they'll remember me as the guy wearing the yellow shirt. Whether I conveyed substance is determined by the quality of their memories. But the bright yellow is etched in.

It's somewhat important that other people see you as well-dressed. But it's far more important that you see yourself as looking good. And you carry yourself accordingly.


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