"Asian Girlz" Video Racist But Still Kinda Funny (NSFW)

Sometimes I'm embarrassed that my Asian American peers get so worked up over things. Phrases like "chink in the armor" by a cable news pundit get us all riled up in a lather.

So our society is racist. Big news flash there.

There's been controversy about the video "Asian Girlz" (warning: explicit lyrics) by the band Day Above Ground. It's totally racist but it's also kinda funny. One line: "I love your creamy yellow thighs
Ooh you're slanted eyes"

I'm Asian and I can take a joke. Yes, it's in poor taste and it's one of those idea that only drunk men could think of when they're sitting around talking about what kind of song they should write and everyone agrees would be hilarious.

As Christians, we shouldn't be surprised when the fallen world acts like a fallen world. Further to that, it's kinda neat when a fallen world is self-aware of it's own fallenness.

Videos like this absolutely demonstrate the fetishization of the Asian female. And yet they are also a gift. These guys have the courage to express openly the hidden sentiments that most people feel but are too afraid and socially conscientious to say out loud. Props on that.


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