AMAAWWODWM revisited

Ten years ago, I posted the following blurb as my Friendster profile. It's amazing how times change. Friendster got obliterated by Facebook years ago. But my sentiments about masculinity haven't changed. I'm still very much committed to helping my Asian American brethren to fight the good fight.

· Common perceptions of the typical Asian Male: Physically weak, slight in stature and build, emotionally distant, subdued, nerdy, academically obsessed, professionally overboard, socially inept, without sex drive, and unassertive. Many weak-willed Asian Women have bought into these lies and have sought refuge in the steroid-injected arms of White Men. But help is near. . . across the urban ethnic enclaves of America, a new grass-roots movement is on the rise - Asian Men Against Asian Women Who Only Date White Men (AMAAWWODWM, pronounced ah-mah-wad-wum).
AMAAWWODWM is dedicated to the liberation of Asian Women everywhere from the lies and oppression of despicable White Men. We accomplish our goals through the betterment of the Asian male- unilateral solidarity, synergistic activism, mass propaganda, and weight lifting. Join the movement! Fight the stereotypes! Rescue the Asian Beauty!

· Who I Want to Meet:
Mobilize today! We are looking for Asian Men with the
following qualifications:
1) IDEALOGICAL: An unwavering commitment to the preservation and development of the most precious resource on the planet, Asian Women
2) PHYSICAL: Ability to bench press 100% of your body weight
3) INTELLECTUAL: Score less than 1500 on the SAT only three attempts allowed
4) EMOTIONAL: Ability to disclose your personal insecurities without being cornered and held at gun point
5) SOCIAL: Ability to hold a conversation with a member of the opposite sex (your mom does not count) for longer than five minutes
6) MUSICAL: Ability to play an instrument that you took up on your own accord OR not be tone-deaf OR be able to lipsync very well


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