Asian American Divorce Rate

I can't find recent data. Most of the stuff is at least five years old but by these estimates, the Asian American divorce rate is about 5%. I've got research from 2002, 2008 for Asian Americans, and 2008 for Chinese Americans. The latest census data do not break out by race.

In any case, a 5% divorce rate is about half the national average. Less divorce is a good thing. I would imagine that divorce does not bode well for personal fulfillment and many studies have shown it has a negative impact on children (too lazy to cite all the sources here).

Of course, as one source argues, a lower divorce rate does not equate to a healthy marriage. There can be all kinds of abuse, dysfunction, and strife within marriage.

All in all though, a lower divorce rate is one advantage of late marriage for Asian American men (and women). However, I believe a lower divorce rate is correlated with later marriage and there is no causation between the two. People who tend to be conservative, traditional, and community-minded will marry later especially in a culture that emphasizes career and educational advancement.

Some other questions might be: What does marital satisfaction look like for Asian Americans vs. the rest of America? What does it look like based on age of marriage?


  1. I wonder if staying together for Asians is a matter of culture rather than commitment. I look at so many Chinese couples who are "functionally divorced" ranging from no longer sharing a bed and coexisting to not even living together anymore. But they're still legally married. On the surface, less divorce sounds good, but I'd venture to guess that the rate of "functionally divorced" brings more clarity to the issue. Thanks for posting this, it's definitely worth discussing!

    1. Agreed - I've observed and heard about many couples like this but "functionally divorced" is difficult to measure and I still think there's something admirable about a culture that values commitment and group/marriage fidelity even if the communication and relationship is broken down.

    2. How many Chinese couples you looked at??? Most Chinese couples I looked at still shared the same bed with funny argument about their kids. I believe your claim has fallacy, good sir.

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