Stuff Asians Like: White Supremacy

Asian Americans pretend to hate white supremacy but watch what they do not what they say.

According to Christian Lander, liberal white people like camping, graduate school, marathons, sushi, diversity, facebook, and posting Yelp reviews. If you wrote a book about stuff Asians like, 99.9% would be exactly the same. The only unique entries might be pearl milk tea, stinky tofu, and animé. Outside of those things, Westernized Asians like precisely the same stuff white people do.

This makes it difficult to determine exactly what Asian American culture is. African Americans, by contrast, have black culture. Their names are different. Their clothing is different. Their music is different. Black people have historically black colleges. Black people have black role models.

Asians have Jeremy Lin and no colleges they would want to attend. Because in most areas of life, Asians imitate what white people do.

Westernized Asians follow white standards of beauty. Asian guys want bigger muscles like white guys. Asian women do better in Western mating markets because skinny is king. Asian guys would date white women if they could but since educated white men prefer Asian girls, Asian guys are happy to stand second in line.

Educated Asians also enjoy working for white people. This allows them to avoid conflict, autonomy, and risk. That's why Asians prefer lucrative but stable, unexciting professions like law, engineering, accounting, and medicine. They can go to work without a fuss and afford more outdoor performance clothing and sushi.

Asian American Christians are no different.  They go to white churches with white pastors and sing music written by white people. And those that attend Asian churches follow white Christian culture as well. They also sing to Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman and listen to white pastors' podcasts while their pastors go to seminaries with white professors to study theology written by dead white guys.

Despite conventional wisdom, it is appropriate for Asians to enjoy white supremacy. After all, Asians are the ethnic group that reaps the greatest benefit from the white ruling class. Educated Asian immigrants and their children thrive in the United States because their traits are valued here. The white meritocracy favors groups willing to sacrifice everything in pursuit of achievement. Asians are better at being white than white people. Asian kids in California score higher on the standardized tests written by white people than white kids do themselves. 

The reality is the white meritocracy functions on merit to a far greater extent than any Eastern society can boast. In the US, if you work hard, you can be successful and make a name for yourself. In Asia, if you work hard, you might get to eat and have shelter. Asian Americans may complain about workplace discrimination but it's nothing compared to the cronyism and corruption of the rest of the world.

Asian immigrants get this. They owe a tremendous debt towards Western civilization. The reason Asian Americans even have language to discuss discrimination is because individual rights, democracy, and equality were championed by white people. After all, the world runs better when the pale face is in charge. Just ask Africa. 

But liberal Asian Americans pretend to hate white supremacy because it's cool to hate on white people (#checkyourprivilege). In the end, educated Asian Americans enjoy white supremacy because they can have the best of both races. They get the majority of white perks without the hassle of having to rule the world.


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