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Not a Work in Progress

I am not a work in progress
I am the final product
Crafted by the master and shaped by the son
Dipped into death and raised to life
Given to Christ as His perfect wife

My righteousness cannot improve
I cannot be better 
I cannot get worse
His work was finished on the tree
The blood of the Son justifies me

My flesh accuses me of failure
Guilt condemns me to prison
Curse and judgment lead to death
Slave to sin and forever trapped 
But in Christ the chains are snapped

I soar above the roar that is law
The written code binds me no longer 
Chains of condemnation broken
Death has died among the chosen
Only life and blessing are now spoken

Even when I fall back into flesh
I repent return reunite 
For in the Spirit there is no fight
Only life and peace and flight
Walking by faith and not by sight

I do not ask for peace or patience
His Spirit promises all spiritual blessings
A new creation bearing sweeter fruit
Joy in abundance follow suit

There is no work to be done
Only bear the fruit that is to come
That's what God has prepared in advance
For those who trust not in circumstance 

I gain access to the final product by faith
And the only change I desire
Is to fully comprehend 
The unquenchable love for his people
For which no obstacle can block the way


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