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Sleep Fall

Step off the cliff and fall into slumber
Or step to the edge and look down
There is darkness and the past below
On the precipice of now and eternity

Sit on the fence dividing
Consciousness and nothingness
This desert of liminal space
Place of wanderings uncharted 

To walk off the edge is to surrender
One's thoughts to the whim of the wind
Swirling and lost in the oblivion 
A blissful trance of suspension drift

To balk at the edge is to fight the fall
Monkey mind screams against the plunge
The body longs for the drop
But thoughts panic from the heights

Wicked dreams wait at bottom
Lurid fantasies beckon
Nightmares lurk on ledges unseen
You don’t find out until you fall

Some escape in the descent
Some avoid it like the plague
Fatigue chases the restless
Until they’re caught and thrown down

Long is the trusting fall of childhood
Oft interrupted is the curse of age
Apnea and anxiety make shallow depths
While innocence is a valley deep

Sleep is a solitary pursuit
One can’t be lonely if no one else is around
No wonder the lonely seek refuge
In the never ending fall

In the fall, time distorts
Years can take seconds 
And seconds feel like years
Images race past or remain stuck 

Is it true the familiar tale
Die in your dreams and die in real life?
Is dreamless sleep best 
Or are dreams a sign of rest?

The fall is the mystery
The fall is faith and trust
That in the falling, death

And one will wake again 


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