Best part of gospel coalition conference

I went to the Gospel Coalition National Conference in Chicago. It was awesome. The speakers, workshops, and panels were off the chain. The best part though was hanging with two brothers from the bay - pastors Travis Marsh and SooSang Park. Travis and I flew and roomed together and he's just a really cool laid-back guy who is getting ready to plant a church. He's built an amazing youth ministry that has emerging leaders fighting to serve in. He also has a poignant story of how grace transformed his life. I misjudged SooSang. I thought he would be intelligent, arrogant, and brutal. SooSang is one of the smartest people I've ever met yet not self-righteous and far more gentle than I expected. In separate conversation with each of them, we discussed reformed theology, church life, and ministry. Most memorable of all, we shared stories of how Jesus ran us down and wrecked us for good.


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