Teaching highlights of the Gospel Coalition Conference

**** UPDATE **** They posted video of the plenary sessions so I've updated the links to the video.

I am so grateful for Jeff Louie and the gospel preaching fellowship we've had with him. The experience helped prepare me for this conference in a significant way. Hearing the speakers reinforced what God has been teaching me about the gospel and what changes lives. (My buddy SooSang Park also told me that Tullian Tchividjian was amazing during the church planting panel and C. J. Mahaney lit it up during his workshop but I didn't get to see those guys)

  • My favorite talk by far was Don Carson's "Getting Excited about Melchizedek" I've never heard this guy speak. And he blew it up. Straight up baller. It was the type of message that pastors get excited about because the exposition was so amazing - starting in Psalm 110, going back to Genesis 14 and ending up in Hebrews 7. I was in tears as I imagined what David was thinking as he, inspired by the Spirit, penned the psalm, looking forward to the priest-king. This talk is worth carving out an hour for (yes, every plenary speaker for at least 50 minutes).
  • Second favorite - and second mainly because I hear him so much and this was Tim Keller at his best. Keller is just so insightful and he covered so much ground in handling this text. It made me pretty fired up to preach Exodus 14:14 that Sunday. The talk was called "Getting Out" and covered all of Exodus 14. I love how he read the entire chapter aloud.
  • Lastly, there was a panel titled "What I learned after years of preaching Christ from the Old Testament" and it rocked. Alistair Begg is hilarious. Mark Dever lit me on fire while talking about Ezekiel. They talked about staying away from the formulaic but the best was the pure joy they experienced in preaching Jesus and the
    gospel. You can spot me in the center wearing a light blue polo. I'm hella famous now.


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