Forced Sharing

We had a church leadership meeting tonight and my dad basically went around putting my people on the spot to share something personal about their lives. There were some awkward moments of silence but it went pretty well overall. Well in the sense that people did open up and become vulnerable and there was a closeness we felt with each other afterwards. Ordinarily, I bristle when someone forces someone to share but in this context and perhaps due to others understanding my dad's intention and accepting his style, it worked well. Maybe its an OBC thing (most of the meeting was OBCs) but this one area where I would have led the meeting in completely different way and would have been much less successful (in terms of how much people talked) than my dad. It seems like if people's main obstacle is fear of monopolizing the conversation (and there's also a level of trust and safety) then putting someone on the spot might be a pretty good idea.


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